Why study cryptocurrency and blockchain technology at university?

Cryptocurrency endured a slow start after Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, but in the past few years, it has enjoyed a steadier growth in following and usage. The digital currency is a topic that many more people are finding themselves asking about, researching, and even getting involved in. There is a more urgent need to be up to speed with the current happenings around cryptocurrency and the surge in interest has seen universities and other educational institutions join the conversation. In the present day, more degrees than ever are centering themselves around cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology that powers it. But what are the advantages of studying these topics right now?

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Give yourself a head start

There are currently around 23,000 different cryptocurrencies that exist in the world which amounts to a total capitalization of $1.1 trillion. It is of course impossible to learn about the intricacies of each individual cryptocurrency, but understanding the blockchain technology operating behind the scenes has its own advantages. This is because the technology not only serves cryptocurrency, but the secure, transparent nature of it has been introduced into other different industries. 

Essentially, blockchain technology stores and manages pieces of information which are housed in blocks. These blocks can be linked with other blocks to create a chain and are highly secure and authenticated only by the user. Many industries such as banking, healthcare, education, and real estate have taken advantage of this super secure digital facility, and the uses and interested parties will not stop with them. The transparency provided by the decentralized blockchain system is also an appealing factor for interested parties because the transaction time to store and access data is much faster due to the absence of a third-party. 

Many consider blockchain technology to be in its infancy with regards to exposure and use in everyday society, but the word seems to be spreading and more people will begin to place their trust in this revolutionary, digital software. By studying blockchain and its application, you could be giving yourself a head start on any prospective competition and be part of the movement.

Plenty of potential

Once you have the blockchain knowledge behind you, you can start to explore the world of cryptocurrency and investigate the vast number of jobs and industries the digital currency is affecting. The beauty for prospective students lies in what is possible. An example of cryptocurrency aligning itself with a blossoming industry is with online casino play. Online gaming has never been so popular and that could partly be down to many platforms and providers opening themselves up to cryptocurrencies. The increased broadcasting of sports has in turn made activities like sports betting more popular and the ability to gamble with Dogecoin, not just Bitcoin or Ethereum, shows the reach cryptocurrency has, in the industries it can affect and the possibilities it can offer. Whether it is the online casino industry, or stock exchange trading with crypto, the possibilities involving the currency are seemingly endless.

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